Chimney Fans

Chimney Fans

A chimney fan is a unit that helps maintain a smoke and odour- free indoor climate when you are using your stove or fireplace. Chimney fans are fitted to your chimney and ensure optimal draft irrespective of weather conditions and location.

Optimal draft in your chimney makes lighting and restoking solid fuel fires easier and stops smoke spilling into the room. It also ensures optimal combustion and prevents ash and dust being blown into the room.

The Chimney fan itself is an electrically powered ventilator. Its operation can be regulated using a control unit.

We are a main agent for Exhausto fans and can quote you to supply and install their products as well as service and repair.

Our engineer will arrange a site visit and take all your fireplace and flue dimensions and we will calculate the correct fan for your set up.

We have a range of vertical and horizontal discharge fans depending on where on your property is the best position to route the flue termination.

We link up the EFC21 fan control with our gas fires to offer you a one button operation on the fire and fan.

A chimney fans is the most effective solution, if there is insufficient draft in the chimney/flue. The chimney fans are easily installed on top of the chimney and they are made to withstand flue gas temperatures up to 250ºC continuously (with the exception of the RSG which is wall mounted). The fans are hinged for easy access for service, maintenance and chimney sweeping.

The chimney fans provide a controllable negative pressure along the full length of the flue and chimney. The chimney fans offer capacities which will cover any heating appliance from small domestic fireplaces to multiple boiler installations with a heat output up to 2MW using a single chimney fan.

System solutions for gas appliances have a built-in failsafe operation developed to meet international standards.

EFC21 Fan Control

The EFC21 control system has been developed for use with open gas-fired heat sources fitted with EXHAUSTO gas chimney fan models RSVG, RHG and RSHG.

The control system monitors the draught in the chimney via the flow meter in the chimney fan. The gas supply to the heat source is not opened until there is sufficient draught in the chimney. If the draught falls below the set value, the control system automatically shuts off the supply of gas.

The EFC21 control system is CE-marked and approved in accordance with the gas directive.


Magnetic gas valve: A magnetic gas valve (accessory) must be used with the EFC21.

EFC-Box: If the control system is to be fitted in a location where there is no available power outlet, an EFC-Box can be used for wall mounting an EFC21 or EFC25. The cables can then be run through the bottom of the EFC-Box and be led along the wall.

Fan servicing

It is recommended by the manufacturer that the fan is serviced on an annual basis depending on the amount of use of the fire. We offer a maintenance service to ensure the correct function of you fan.