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At Bespoke we are proud of what we deliver, and each craftsman is dedicated to delivering a fireplace that is special. Using sub contractors can dilute the quality of the workmanship. Hence why we have built a business that does not use them. We have seen too many installations that have failed for us to risk working in that way.

Therefore we only use our own skilled craftsmen, and this includes the commissioning of the fires. The only service that we do work with external resource is for restoration work, but when we are restoring fireplaces that are worth over £500,000 then we call in a team that we have worked with for many years.

Driven by our passion for customer service and craftsmanship, Bespoke has become a market leader for fireplaces in and around London. Bespoke provides maintenance and servicing to all makes of gas fires. We are also consultants on some of London's biggest and most prestigious developments. We are able to provide you designs and consultancy, as well as supply and fitting.

"Our desire to be the best, has helped us build a business that excels in customer satisfaction."

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We work differently.

A Complete Solution - Consultancy, Design, Installation Commissioning 

Through our ability to deliver a complete 'end to end' solution, We provide the peace of mind of knowing that we will manage the entire project. From Consultancy & Design, through to the Supply & Installation of all the required goods, no matter what they are. All guaranteed by the fact that we also Commission all our installations with our in-house teams. Therefore ensure that the responsibility for a 100% successful project sits firmly with us.

Understanding the objectives of our clients is key. As is being able to deliver the information back in a format that our clients can understand. Long winded technical reports mean nothing without visual reporting. Our goal is to understand what our clients would ultimately like to achieve, then build a project which allows us to deliver on this.

  • Scoping - Exploring and detailing all of the requirements from a our clients.
  • Reporting - Visual reports that allow for complete understanding of the possibilities within a project.
  • Design - In conjunction with he client, we are able to maximise their flues and their fires.

Gaining the correct information at the start of a project is key. Most clients are looking for the most impactful fireplace, or the most practical. Without understanding. what we have to work with in terms of existing flues, or planned flue routes through a new build, accurate designs can not be produced. Therefore it is imperative to start with the right data.

  • Camera inspections provide detailed data on the condition of existing flues..
  • Our state of the art tracer equipment allows us to follow flues routes throughout the building.
  • Data means nothing if it can't be reported in a way that can be understood, therefore we take our time to ensure that clients receive documentation that actually means something.

Once the research has been carried out, it is then a case of modelling the requirements alongside the collected data. Modelling flue and chamber sizes prior to design allows us to ensure we deliver what we specify, without any nasty surprises at the point of commissioning.

  • Technical modelling of flue routes along with manufacturer data allows us to specify products that ultimately work..
  • No nasty surprises! If modeled correctly there are no nasty surprises with additional costs, or planning/build issues to accommodate for fans.
  • The buck stops with us. Because Bespoke are able to handle ALL aspects of a fireplace project, no matter what the size, the responsibility lies with us.


Only the best...

We only work with top quality brands & products.


You (Bespoke) were extremely professional and courteous at every turn. We had to have flue liners installed and both our chimney breasts, a much bigger job than we anticipated. The installation team were very considerate and when they left, you would not have known that they had been there - they left everything incredibly neat and clean! They did such a great job that I recommended them to my neighbour who used their services as well. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, or to recommend their services to anyone.

Kensington, London

Kensington, London

Private residence - Kensington

"Bespoke Fire & Flue Services are an extremely professional and knowledgeable Company and offer sound advice and solutions to any challenging projects you may have. We only wish we had discovered them sooner! It is a "one stop" company for all your requirements regardless of how small, or large! We were delighted with the professionalism. When you're dealing with a building which was originally built in 1745, and having to comply with the new regulations and where safety is key, you require sound advice!"

5 Star Hotel, London

5 Star Hotel, London

Prestigious Hotel - Hyde Park


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