Bespoke Fireplaces

Bespoke by name...

Bespoke by nature...

Bespoke Fire and Flue Services specialise in creating made to measure fires to suit your needs. This can be just templating your existing Victorian or Georgian grate or basket and making a decorative gas fire
to suit or building a complete hole in the wall fireplace to any shape or size. Whether you have an existing chimney or none at all, we can assist with the design and implementation of the fireplace of your choice.
There is not any project that is too large or too small for us to work with.

We can create a bespoke firebox whether it is curved, triangular, large or small. We will design and fabricate a stainless steel firebox or gather to your requirements. The gas fires we supply are made to measure and
have a choice of different toppings or a we have the option of a ribbon burner. Our logs are hand made ceramic fibre and the most realistic on the market. We can have bespoke logs made up to your own design if you require and have a real log that you wish us to replicate.

Baskets can be made to order to your design by our specialist metal workers or we can produce stone fire bowls or raised back hearths to set your gas fire into.

We can handle your project from start to finish, design and building the flue, we offer all flue systems, stainless steel, pumice and Furanflex to ensure you have the correct flue for your fireplace to function.
We are an agent for Exodraft fans in the UK and can run calculations to advise if fans are require and ensure the correct model fan is used fo your installation.

We offer the full package with supply and installation and commissioning.


  • Fabrication of stainless steel fire boxes and gathers
  • Made to measure Gas burners
  • Made to measure Bio Ethanol fires
  • Bespoke baskets/ fire bowls
  • Made to measure stone hearths and frames.
  • Made to measure stainless steel flue systems.
  • Exodraft fans

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