Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bio Ethanol fires are the innovative fire of the future for modern contemporary living. These fire provide both a real flames and heat but can be installed into any room or outdoor area. The main feature for these fires is that no chimney is required, and they do not produce any toxic products of combustion, or soot. Bespoke Fire and Flues Services started selling Bio Ethanol fires back in 2011, with Planika fires, who we featured at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London. We were one of the first companies in the UK to promote this product and promote to architects and interior designers as a new fire solution.
We now offer a variety of makes and models including Planika, Glamm, Ecosmart and Ebios, offering both manual and remote control fires and have the soluition for every design possibility. We have both standard products and made to measure options. Fires can range from small units to fit a victorian register grate to large e-ribbon burners of any size. Features include:
  • No Chimney Required
  • Real Flame
  • Provide Heat
  • Soot Free
  • No gas required
  • Eco Friendly Bio Ethanol fuel
  • Easy to Install and low cost installation and maintenance
  • Remote control and manual options
  • Indoor and Outdoor models
  • Made to measure available
  • Safety sensors
  • Smart Home control options
  • Commercial and Residential
Bio Fires, or to give them their full name, bioethanol fires burn a liquid ethanol fuel. People often refer to these as gel fires, but typically a bio fire is liquid, where as a gel fire uses a form of gel. Both burn off the fuel to create a nice vibrant flame. Burning a fuel that is renewable and sustainable is a winner for a lot of people, but another major advantage of a bio fire is the fact that the do not require a flue. Therefore allowing for a fireplace where a gas fire would not be possible due to flue restrictions. Additionally, bio fires are also allowed in and around water, unlike open gas fires. This means that they are the perfect solution for swimming pools and bathrooms. You can even float them in your pool if you so wish.
Bio Ethanol fuel is ethyl alcohol made from natural plant products.
There are three main ways in which they generally work. Some burn the bioethanol in a gel form, but these tend to be basic models where the fuel is burned directly within a metal vessel. For a more refined and controllable flame picture, you have two choices. Burning the liquid fuel directly, or heating and vaporising the liquid into a vapour which is in turn burned.
There are a few different types in terms of the styles for a bio fire. The basic models can be as simple as a metal container which you fill will the bioethanol liquid from a 1ltr squeezable fuel bottle. Once you have poured in the fuel, you simple light it and enjoy the dancing flame. These types often come with a cylindrical glass to go around them. Partly to provide protection for the flame from drafts and breezes, but also from a safety perspective. In addition, the glass is the perfect reflector for the flame, enhancing the size of the visible flame as it is reflected bu the inside curve. Other manual forms are basic metal troughs of differing shapes and sizes in which you pour the fuel again. Some have a flip or sliding door to the top so that you can close off the flame and starve it of oxygen in order to extinguish the flame.  
For something a little more sophisticated and controllable, you can have a mains powered bio fire. These typically have controls directly on the fire, and or a remote control from which you can switch the fire on and off, as well as increase and decrease the flame height. Some of these models can have the added benefit of remote sensors to ensure that the temperature is controlled from a secondary position. I.e. the temperature at a TV above the fire. They can also come with seismic sensors to shut them down should they experience certain movements, which makes them ideal fo yachts. From a safety perspective the better models tend to come with internal spillage sensors to ensure that they are 100% safe.  

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