Contura are industry leaders in the innovation, design and creation of quality stoves.  Their stoves embody quality and care, and provide your home with an atmosphere of family, homeliness and relaxation.  Their stoves bring people together!

The timeless designs are durable, functional, stylish and versatile.  You will be spoilt for choice when considering a Contura stove.

World-class natural heating is at the centre of the stoves.  They all have clean glass panels, clean burn technology, are CO2 neutral, efficient combustion and minimal emissions.  This way you can ignite your stove knowing that you are being kind to the environment as well as saving you money.

Made in Sweden, you can expect the quality which is synonymous with Swedish creations. Contura have the most modern stove facility in the World which is dedicated to reducing the impact on the environment. This facility has the most stringent quality control practices. In addition, parts, servicing and repairs are all operated there, which ensures you have the care for your stove throughout its lifespan.

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Timeless design, shape for your lifestyle.

Design and features that last a lifetime. Suits your style, whoever you are.

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