The ebios-fire® brand is owned by SpaTherm Fire, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of built-in fireplaces, stoves and insert fires.  Ebios-fire® has been introduced as an exclusive series of bioethanol fireplaces.

The Ebios-fire® bioethanol fires and custom-made built-in bio-ethanol fireplaces stand for quality and style, ensuring that you will be buying a fireplace which give you the warm atmosphere you would like with the style you deserve.  Ebios-fire® designers use their expertise and passion to help you realise the fireplace of your dreams.

Ebios-fire® fireplaces are fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable source of energy obtained from the process of fermenting with starch components of vegetable by-products.  Some these by-products include potatoes, grains and sugar cane. Bioethanol combusts to produce carbon dioxide, heat and steam which results in a soot-free environment and zero aromas / nasty odours. This endless process of energy-recycling makes bioethanol a CO2 neutral fuel.As a result there is no need for a chimney or flue and you have a fire which has a neutral environmental footprint.

Transform your house into a warm home with peace of mind.  You may choose a floor, table or wall model which are completely mobile.  So if you move house you will be able to take the fireplace with you or if you simply want to move the fireplace to another room, this fireplace is synonymous with design style, practicality, longevity, sustainability and is environmentally friendly!

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