EcoSmart fires give life to fire! They have an extensive and extremely versatile range of indoor and outdoor fire design solutions. With their truly innovative industrial designs, user-friendly functionality and expertise they have become one of the industry’s most respected leaders.  Fuelled entirely by bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products, EcoSmart Fire was the perfect solution for a historic building filled with commissioned furnishings and priceless maritime memorabilia.

It’s projects like this that EcoSmart Fire really comes into its own. Just because a chimney has been removed or a flue has been blocked up doesn’t mean you have to board up a beautiful fireplace.

"These versatile products are perfect for restorations of this nature. They create the look and feel of a real fire without the soot, ash and cleaning that’s associated with them. The restored fireplaces are magnificent and have once again become a focal point within the venue.”

A Perfect Fit – Adaptable designs allow for Ecosmart fires to grace any type and size of fireplace. The versatility of the bioethanol fuel, allows for a greater spectrum of scenarios in which the fires can be placed.

No Connections Required – With the benefit of bio fuel, there is not the usual restriction of requiring a gas feed to the fireplace. Ideal for outdoor spaces and those tricky locations where gas is just not feasible, these bio fires can complement the ambiance in any space.

Magnify Your Space – Utilise a see-through open fire to provide a distinctive design element which enhances the feeling of space, whilst adding that certain something that a fire gives.

Flexibility – EcoSmart bio-ethanol burners can be installed almost anywhere. Unlike open gas fires, these can be installed in rooms where bodies of water can be found, like bathrooms and swimming pools.

Easy to Clean – The EcoSmart ethanol burners can be easily cleaned, by washing in hot water (or perhaps even put in your dishwasher), making them unique in the ability to keep them clean, and setting them apart from the rest.

Bio-ethanol Fires

Because bioethanol is a clean burning fuel, EcoSmart Fire models do not require a flue, a chimney, or a gas connection – therefore offering the ultimate in design simplicity and flexibility.

With a clean-burning bio ethanol burner you are able to create a completely unique atmosphere with superior comfort & design. An ethanol burner gives your imagination the freedom to complement any living space.

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