Element 4

Element4 is one of the leading Dutch brands. Their practical and professional approach, combined with a focus on design, gives rise to truly elegant fireplaces. These designs are adored by architects, designers and trend-conscious clients all over the world. 

Technology, efficiency and convenience are also truly important to the Element team.  You will benefit from the most advanced technical features, sheer efficiency, remote operation and adjustable flame pictures. These fireplaces make a statement yet are modest in their execution. 

High-quality designs and easy-to-use solutions are the foundation of Element fireplaces. 


Bespoke Fire & Flue Services:

The fire of your dreams – With a range of gas and electric fires, Element4 have a unique place in the market with their elegant fireplaces. A top Dutch brands, their focus is on the design, these fires are aimed at designers, architects and the trend conscious customer. Their elegance and simplicity make them a desirable addition to any room.

Technology & Design – As true “Dutchies”, technology has become incredibly important for Element4. Choosing an Element4 fireplace will see you benefit from some of the most advanced technical features available with fireplaces. ; the fireplaces are efficient to use, can be operated remotely and have an adjustable flame picture. 

Dutch Practicality – It is clear when you look at the Element4 fires that they have been crafted with a special attention to detail. However, at the same time finding the balance with a certain modesty in their execution. With global objectives, Element4 aims to be the no-nonsense fireplace manufacturer from the Netherlands. Delivering a high-quality design, with easy-to-use solutions.

Indoor, and Outdoor – A truly unique statement, is the ability to install the fire into your outside wall as if it were a window. Allowing you to appreciate your fire from both inside, and outside.

Is it a wall? Or is it a fire??

Element4 have developed some incredibly stylish fires that can form part of your external wall. These two sided fires can therefore be appreciated from indoors, or outside, whilst at the same time creating that unique view through the wall at all times.

They look great, even when they aren't on. They are just a fabulous piece of design, that enhances the room and the garden at the same time.

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