Faber believes that every fire tells a story, one which brings people around the fire, creates comfort, feels familiar and brings a calming, natural ambience wherever it is placed. Stories and memories are created around fires.  In a trusting and warm atmosphere of trust people come together and experience an immediate intimacy. 

The Faber brand has been a world leader in fireplaces since 1844.  During this time it has evolved dramatically and at times setting the standard for its competitors. It has developed a multitude of new technologies and products. 

Faber is predominantly renowned for its expertise in gas fires and electric stoves, but are also now experts in tough wood burners an outdoor fires!  Whatever your requirements, Faber will work with you to create a sophisticated atmosphere in your home, work environment, flat or holiday home.

With their comprehensive range we can say without hesitation that there is a Faber to suit every living environment.

The current range of fires in today’s market is predominantly based on Faber innovations! They are the pioneers of the closed burning system (multi-vent burning system) and are one Europe’s top fire innovators.

They provide convenient, practical and sustainable Intelligent Technical Control app (ITC) and their ingenuity ensures that you can us your fire over and over again whilst save on energy consumption. This app helps you to enjoy your fire efficiently and without compromising the wonderful experience.

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