The home and birthplace of Focus is located in the South of France in a beautiful village called Viols-le-Fort. The founder and designer, Dominique Imbert, started the business here and renovated the house to cater for his creations. The location is where the very first Antéfocus fire was created and today it is the company’s head office. It remains the workshop where the designs of Focus models are conceived.

All Focus models are made in France and many of them are highly energy-efficient, while ensuring that the characteristics of the original and contemporary designs of the Focus trademark are retained.

The production division of Focus is located in Cavaillon, which occupies any area of 22,000m² which houses:

- 7,800 m² of workshop space housing state-of-the-art multifunctional production equipment.
- A sector with powerful 2D and 3D software for computer-aided design, which enables the specialist team to develop blueprints and design objects with complex shapes.
- 400 m² dedicated to office and showroom space, where you are able to view more than 30 Focus models.

Focus is dedicated to sustainable development!

An inspiring quote from the founder and designer:

"It is through creating that I begin to understand what I’m looking for. What interests me is that which moves me, and I am moved by discovering, hidden in the depths of certain shapes and angles, the inner life, the soul of a material. It is about revealing a dimension beyond the cold, calculating and conventional context of our surroundings. I get immense pleasure in prising a meaning from shapes – a hidden meaning, a sense of poetry. Without poetry, we exist without living."

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