Furanflex | Resin Chimney Liner

FuranFlex® is the unique method by which chimneys can be lined with an airtight, joint-free liner made of steel hardness composite material. This material is resistant to heat, flames and corrosion. FuranFlex® is used or chimneys of any shape, dimension and length.

The FuranFlex® tube is a soft-state lining inside the chimney. The lining becomes inflated by steam and then takes the shape of the chimney as it hardens by the effect of the heat. This forms a corrosion and heat resistant composite liner of steel hardness.

FuranFlex® comprises thermosetting resin materials, which have a fibre glass reinforcement (composite). The combination fo the physical (steel hardness) and the chemical (acid-proof, alkali-proof) make it ideally suitable for lining chimneys. The unique resin composition ensures that it has a high, heat-resistant capacity.


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FuranFlex® has a guarantee of 25 years.

The top reasons to use Furanflex include:

- walls do not need to be demolished,

- all spaces remain clean during the chimney lining works

- the lining of the chimney only takes a few hours

- it can be used for all types of boilers and chimneys

- joints won't need to be applied to chimneys up to 100 m height and 120 cm diameter

- the smooth inner surface and the heat insulating capacity ensures that the boilers operate economically

  • it does not corrode, 25 years of guarantee is provided for corrosion damages

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