Every Glamm fire is unique. With decades of knowledge of decades sculptured into every piece, their experienced and sheer craftsmanship shines through. They are the pinnacle of Portuguese attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship!

Glamm fires are bespoke and are not in any way mass produced. They take their time with every build to ensure that they are individual works of art and add true value to every dwelling adorned with a Glamm Fire.

Each build is Designed and handcrafted in Monção, Portugal. Inspiration is drawn from everywhere including nature, era/period, country/city, art, culture. Each design is meticulous and each fire is made with premium materials such as stainless or rusted corten steel, lacquers, titanium coating, woods such as ebony, leather, lacquered fiberglass, ceramic, golden leaf, weather-resistant upholstery fabric, oxidized copper, tempered glass or natural stones.

The Glamm brand is synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and uniqueness. Everything they do is fuelled by purpose, dreams and desires. They are fully committed to the art of creation and delivering exclusive bioethanol, electric and tabletop fireplaces, fire pits & barbecues and outdoor gas heaters.These are the reasons GlammFires are one of the most desired fireplaces brand in the world.

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