The Hunter Stoves Group has established itself as a market leader in the Stove arena and are the proud creators of eight world-class stove ranges. Their stove ranges include wood burning, multi-fuel, and gas stoves. Within the 8 brands they have designs for over 200 different multi-fuel and wood stoves.

They have over 40 years experience in warming homes and they are committed to the innovation, research & development of their stoves, as well as preserving the natural environment. They also distribute to most western European countries, South Africa, New Zealand and Japan.

Their focus on the advancements in technology is due to the world's ever-depleting reserves of fossil fuels.  At the Hunter Stoves Group they recognise this and their products are increasingly meeting the demands for alternatives, which keeps them at the forefront of the market. They have also lowered their carbon emissions, especially in their Cornwall factory which is powered by solely by solar panels. They will continuing their efforts to support a green environment.

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