Electric Fires

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fires have no limitations on where they can be installed as there is no real flame and do not require a flue. These fires are powered by the latest LED technology. giving a 3D effect and providing the glow of a real fire. There is a large variety of different shapes and sizes, offering plenty of options, ranging for 400mm to 1800mm wide. These fires can provide the effect of a wood fire or a wood stove giving the feeling of a warm relaxed atmosphere. We have many different solutions including Opti myst, which give off water vapour to give the effect of smoke.  
We have both sealed units and cassettes that can be installed into a bespoke setting to give a contemporary or traditional look. These modern fires an ideal solution and conventional alternative for both domestic and commercial premises where there are no flues or heat and flames may be a safety issue. These fires require low maintenance and minimal installation cost.
These fires come in various styles which range from a traditional log set appearance to a modern ribbon mist which is lit from below with LED's.


Here are a few of the benefits with regards to electric fires. This is not potentially the full list of advantages that you could get from having an electric fire, and there are many different types of electric fire that you can chose. This information relates more to the electric imitation fires, as apposed to electric heaters.

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Electric fires that use water to create a flame effect from vapour can be installed almost anywhere. You can either fill them up with water periodically, or plumb them into your water supply.



There is very little maintenance on an electric vapour fire. Some need the water refilling, but you can plumb them into your water supply, and they don't have a flue to sweep annually either.



There is no ventilation requirement for an electric fire, so if you are unable to have a free air supply into the room for whatever reason, then an electric vapour fire could be right for you. All it needs is power.



Fill them up with water periodically if required, but otherwise it is a plug and play fire. Just connect to the mains and you are good to go with an aesthetic, yet cold fire.



Electric vapour fires consume very little power, and the fuel they burn so to speak is water. So they can be more cost effective to run. Do check your water hardness first though if plumbing it in, as you may need a filter.



You can't burn yourself on the vapour. These fires produce a little warmth from the LED light which help create the flame look, but they wont get hot like a normal fire.

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