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Bespoke has been involved in many exciting and high profile projects over the years. From modern high end projects which  have involved installing fires and flues into the second largest single residence in London. Only beaten by Buckingham Palace. Right through to historical projects, like the upgrading of fires within the towers at The Tower of London. We have also been involved in complex intricate challenging projects that required out specialist knowledge to ensure that the fires required worked without the need for fans.

Our management team has a breadth and depth of knowledge which is difficult to match in the industry. Add to this the fact that we are very process oriented, working with us on projects, becomes something that reduces your risk. more importantly, and probably one of our best assets, is that we have  complete solution, and all in house. Our ability to provide projects with industry leading consultancy in order to set the project off in the right direction from day one. We have ended up rescuing too many projects that have been scoped poorly, and are heading in the wrong direction. For us, understanding the clients ultimate requirements are essential. Advising on wether that is feasible and achievable are just as key. Over promising leads clients down the wrong path. Often that far, that it is impossible to switch to a viable solution that would have worked if implemented early enough. We don't just say "Yes" without having a way of "Yes" being an achievable answer.

The Earlier, the Better...

When engaging on a project, we sit down with the client and their design team as early as possible to ensure that we understand what is to be achieved, and how we can achieve it for them. It's also not unheard of for us to provide additional ideas to the client to help enhance their fires. Receiving a scope of a project is not always enough. Our philosophy is one of ensuring that both parties understand what each other is saying. We both need to be on the same page in order to deliver exactly what is required. Too many times we are called into projects where the flues are an after thought. Unfortunately that can result in a situation where the flue route required, can not be achieved due to other services being in the way. Flues are governed by regulations and manufacturers instructions that restrict the number of bends and route that it can take. It is much easier to route the flue first, and then have the more flexible other services make their way around the flue.


Managing the project throughout it's lifecycle is another element that we focus on closely. It is all too easy to let things run on without controls in place, but this creates risk. Risks which we have seen others fail on. Fires are complex. There are lots of regulations and specifications that must be met when installing them, and they are all reliant on each other for the final system to work. For example, installing a flue that is not large enough, will affect the finished fireplace, as it could mean a reduction in the opening size. Which if a fireplace is already in place, will often mean a glass header slip. At Bespoke, we run calculations on the flue and fire sizing to ensure that we gave the best chance of achieving the required openings. This can involve the need for fans, but these need to be specified, otherwise there may not be anywhere to sit the fan. There is also the need to run cables from the fan to the fire controls, should a fan beed needed.

When a client engages many different contractors to work on the different elements required to install fires, it adds risk to the fact that the co-ordination may not run correctly. We eliminate that by providing a

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