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With over years 80 years of combined experience, there isn't much we haven't seen in the fireplace industry. Some good, and some bad.

Fortunately at Bespoke we take a fresh approach when it comes to our consultancy services. With an influence that has come from the commercial and IT sectors, we run our projects to a different level than others in the industry.

The Basics!

A typical open gas or solid fuel fire has a number of elements that all work together in order for the fire to work correctly and safely to the point of being able to be signed off by a Gas Safe of HETAS engineer.

  • The size of the burner/fire determines the amount of Co2 that is being created from the combustion process.
  • The larger the opening in which the fire is situated, the easier it is for the Co2 to spill out into the room.
  • The gather inside the chamber is there to allow the hot air and Co2 to rise easily up into the flue.
  • The flue is a sealed conduit from the gather/fire to the outside world.
  • The stack is a safe point of exit for the Co2.

One of the most common mistakes that we see from clients that don't involve us early enough, is the that they haven't provisioned for the flues correctly. A flue needs to meet the specific requirements of the fire based on the burner size, fireplace opening size and the distance and number of bends required for the flue to make it out of the building.

What is required for a successful project with new or existing fires and flues...

When it comes to projects which involve fires and flues, wether they are new build or restorations, the flues are one of the most critical elements that must be considered first. Too many times we have been brought in to install fires, only to find that a contractor that only works with flues has installed flues that wont accommodate the fires required. There is a direct relationship between between

We have combined our commercial experience in running large scale projects, with our expertise in fires and flues to provide a package that delivers the best results for our clients. In fact, our ability to deliver full project documentation has won us business purely on that fact alone, with the client commenting "We don't documentation like that from our main contractors, let alone a specialist contractor! Get them in on our other projects." We understand the goals and milestones within the project beyond our involvement, and that communication is key to success. Due to the fact that we aren't just consultants, and that we actually are hands on in all aspects of what is required for a successful installation of fire and flues, provides us with a complete understanding of what is required.

We have experienced projects where others were the specialist consultants, and only consultants for the project. This exposes a lack of actual operational and practical knowledge with regards to what is actually required. One of our many strengths is that we actually provide every aspect required within a project. We provide consultancy, and have been the consultants on some of the largest and most prestigious projects in London. This often includes design services for the flue routes.

Fireplace and Flue Consultancy

There are very few specialist Fireplace and Flue consultants in the UK and we are being asked more and more to work on large projects here in the UK and the Middle East to advice on designing flues for large and small developments, working with major architects and property developers.
This is an area that has proved to be growing in our industry and our knowledge and expertise has given us a reputation in the industry, to consult on some very prestigious projects in central London.
  • To work with the Design Team and Client to ensure the fireplaces and flues are fully operational on the date of Completion
  • To work with the Design Team and Client to work out flue routes throughout the scheme for all fireplaces from the fireplace to termination
  • To work with the MEP Consultant to ensure proper interface with their own M&E to avoid gaps in the scope to include, but not limited to, provision of condensate drainage in their design.
  • To propose manufacturers and styles of fireplaces that are capable of being installed based on these routes. To run flue calculations, where necessary, to evaluate the need for additional fan assistance dependent on manufacturer choice
  • To liaise with the Acoustic engineers to ensure that the NR targets are being met.
  • To liaise with the Architect to ensure that the inclusion of the fireplaces and the flues are compliant to building regulations with regards to fire protection and building works, including but not limited to fire protection from fireplace, gathers and flues, hearths and sub-hearths, BMS integration, fan integration, gas safety and unit integration into joinery works. To ensure all relevant British Standards and Statutory Regulations are met in regards to the works .
  • Work with the MEP Consultant to specify gas flow rates, KW size, gas valve requirements, locations of control panels, gas pipe routes and conduit routes for burner electrics and controls.
  • To work with theItem 9 MEP Consultant, the Architect, the Sustainability Consultant and Client to ensure that the fireplaces can work within the CSH 4 requirements
  • Comment on Interior Design drawings with regards the fireplace and flue integration and attend design meetings.
  • Provision of a scope of works for each fireplace with details on manufacturer type, flue type and size, sub-contractor options, fan and system types.
  • Ensure that the Client management team are fully aware of aesthetics of proposed options, organising visits where necessary to allow viewing of options. Propose and oversee tests and mock-ups if necessary to be 100% confident that all options can be delivered effectively at Construction / Delivery

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