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With approaching a century of combined knowledge, Bespoke Fire & Flue Services Ltd have exactly what is required when it comes to designing flue systems and fires.

With over 20 years experience of installing flues and fires we know what it takes to make a fire work. Unfortunately not everyone has the same hands on experience of installing and more importantly commissioning fires. Designing a flue that makes it was through a building from the fireplace to the roof, is only a small part of what is required when at the design phase.

Too many times...

Too many times we have been asked to install fires on projects where the design and flue have been carried out by others. Only to find that the flue is not adequate for the fire.


One does not fit all.

There is not one single flue that suits all fires. We have seen projects where multiple flues were installed during the early stages of a project, leaving the client totally unaware as the trouble ahead. As often happens, we were called in to fit fires chosen by the client, and then commission them. However, when commissioning fires, we are obliged under Gas Safe regulations to ensure that the flues have lining certificates to show that they are fit for purpose. This indicates what exactly they are, and what they can be used for, as well as who installed them. Often we find that these certificates are not in place, and it is not unheard of that are also not obtainable. Leaving the client in the unfortunate position of needing to have us inspect and test the flues so that we can sign them off. But this is not the only problem that can occur. Flues need to be sized correctly for the fire that is to go with them. This is where it becomes difficult for those companies that just provide and install flues. They don't have the experience when it comes to calculating what will be required in order to have the intended fire in place and not spilling into the room. In some cases, clients that we were to install fires for, have had to drop the idea of having a fire completely because the flue installed was not adequate due to being under sized. Due to the project having progressed sufficiently before we were involved and able to run the calculations, there then wasn't room or access to enable the flues to be removed and replaced by something that would work. This can result in no fireplace at all, or having to swap to an alternative fuel, like bioethanol which does not require a flue at all.

What we are trying to explain, is that there is an awful lot to consider when it comes to having a fireplace within a building, and all elements of the design are intrinsically linked. There are very few companies in the UK which cover every element required in order to install a flue and a fire, as well as commission the appliance at the end. At Bespoke, we pride ourselves in the way in which go into every detail relating to a clients brief, so that we can ensure that they ultimately get what they are expecting.

It is incredibly frustrating for us to be called in late on projects to help rescue mis planning, and poor implementation by others. It frustrates the client, causes delays in can severely increase costs, which can be avoided by having the correct experienced people create the designs in the first place. Fore many years now, we have been to the go to people for industry professionals when it comes to asking for advice on this issue. But still mistakes we being made. Hence a number of years ago, we decided that we would start providing Design as a service for our clients. Now we are able to provide a COMPLETE solution when it comes to fires and flues. Design, Consulting, Supply, Installation and most importantly, Commissioning. As without the commissioning, you aren't able to use the fire.

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