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We are a HETAS registered company and are able to sign off installations for use fo flues and appliances for solid fuel use.

Contrary to inaccurate publicity, solid fuel stoves are NOT due to be banned. Most solid fuel stoves are now tested for use in smokeless zones and already pass regulations that will come into place in 2022. We can advise on which stoves are approved by DEFRA if you live in a smokeless zone. Each council is different but most of London is in this category. Your local council website should confirm if you live within a smoke control zone and if you are restricted to having a DEFRA approved appliances.

DEFRA is the Department for Food and Rural Affairs. Stoves are sent to them for testing to ensure that appliances are clean and safe for the environment. To find out is a stove is DEFRA approved click here >>>

HETAS is the national organisation working for consumer safety and the wider public interest in safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of biomass and other solid fuels.

Solid fuel open fires are still popular, however the regulations are now very restrictive on how large an opening you can have on a new installation and the amount of air vents required restricts the possibilities of having this type of fireplace in most situations.

Calculations to consider for an open solid fuel fireplace:
- The flue must be 15% of the area of the opening.
- The Ventilation must be 50% of the surface area of the flue.

Using a well-designed, properly installed stove or appliance can make a big difference.

As a minimum you should make sure that your stove meets the legal requirements, but even Defra approved stoves can emit high levels of pollution. The Stove Industry  has recently introduced the “Ecodesign Ready” label.

An EcoDesign Ready stove can emit up to 80 per cent less pollution than a normal Defra approved appliance. These appliances can be found on the HETAS website.

Any stove or fireplace should also be properly maintained, and your chimney should be swept regularly. At Bespoke Fire and Flue Services we offer a full after care service with annual sweeping and servicing of you appliance.

If you are using a stove or other appliance you can usually use normal wood as well as smokeless fuels. Usually wood that has been kiln dried or seasoned to have a lower moisture content will be much less polluting, as much as 50 per cent less pollution than emitted from burning fresh logs. Drier wood is also more efficient, producing more heat per log.

Wood that has the Woodsure Ready to Burn label is certified to have a low moisture content, for a full list of suppliers see the list on the Woodsure website.

It is important to store your fuels correctly to make sure your wood does not get damp from the rain or damp in the ground.

Having problems with your solid fuel fires?
If you have smoke coming back in the room or problems lighting your fire we are a technical specialist for Exodraft fans in the UK and can advise you chimney fans to cure any problem.

Does your current stove give off black smoke?
If you have an old wood burning stove we can fit a new product that will remove the dangerous particles from the smoke which will bring your existing stove up to meet current regulations.


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